Did you know that according to traditional Chinese medicine that there are “cooling” and “warming” foods?  When you’re hydrated your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood.  Good hydration also supports digestion, healthy kidneys and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Dehydration is a major cause of disease and a variety of symptomology, but good hydration serves cosmetic purposes as well- benefiting skin, eliminating puffiness and more!  We all wish to stay cool in the summer and these hydrating food tips will make it a breeze!


1. Water!  Almost everyone knows to drink more water, although variety may just be the key to successfully hydrating in the warmer months.  Simply add frozen fruit of your choice to a glass of water or fill a glass jug with water and infuse it by adding your favorite sliced fruits.  Keep refrigerated and grab a glass of colorful, cool water all throughout your day.  Infused water recipes link:  


2.  Leafy greens!  An excellent source of calcium- is there anything that these powerhouses provide that isn’t  beneficial?  Choose your favorite and add to create a green smoothie or experiment with new summer salads. Kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens and more.  Mix and match and make your plate GREEN!

3. Raw foods! Benefits abound by eating more raw foods.  Chop them up right after purchase and have a variety ready to grab from the fridge at any time.  You will reap many a benefit and your waistline will thank you!

4. Coconut!  This fruit may have been a trendy health item- but as trends fade, this super fruit will stick around and pack a punch with essential vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber and highly nutritious.  Fresh coconut juice is rich in electrolytes and aids in hydration.  Bonus:  Also provides minerals for bodily functions such as movement and brain function.

5. Cucumber!  Stay cool as a cucumber by slicing them up to snack along with your favorite hummus.  Puffy eyes?  Chill sliced cucumbers in the fridge or freezer if you need them quickly.  They contain antioxidants that reduce irritation and reduce eye puffiness.

6. Watermelon!  They are around 92% water and are also packed with nutrients which make it an excellent hydrating summer source.  Fat-free and around 40 calories per cup.  Grab a slice and snack away!

7. Cantaloupe!  Beta Carotene rich, this acts as a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals that attack cells in your body.  1 cup will provide 100% of your vitamin C for the day and it is made up of around 90% of water to also promote healthy hydration.

8. Peaches!  Summer and peaches seem to go hand-in-hand.  They contain vitamins that promote healthy skin and are a perfect dessert choice at 35-50 calories per serving.  

9. Cilantro, parsley and sprouts!   Grow them this summer and use them liberally in recipes and as additions to smoothies.   Reap many healthy benefits as these small herbs pack a mighty punch!  Here are a few of their benefits.   

Cilantro - Rids body of heavy metals, lowers anxiety and improves sleep among many other benefits.

Parsley - Contains 574% of daily recommended dose of vitamin K and twice the amount of iron as spinach.

Sprouts - Boost metabolism, prevent anemia and promote weight loss just to name a few. 

10.  Vegetables and fruits that are in season at a market near YOU!  There are a host of reasons from taste to being more environmentally friendly to choose seasonal foods.  Enjoy experimenting.  Your body will thank you!


Warm Foods to Avoid in Summer Months

Avoid all extremes such as:

  • Hot drinks
  • Extreme sweet or spicy drinks and foods
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Chilis
  • Too many soups/hearty stews
  • Excessive meats.  If possible, attempt to limit meats to 2X/wk and always choose organic, grass-fed quality meat when available. 


Enjoy all the bounty that summer has to offer.  Before you know it fall will be knocking on the door and bringing a new harvest of which to partake!

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