10 Steps to Sleeping Better without Pills

We all have to sleep, recharge and rest our minds. Some do it more than others, and throughout different time frames. Research is now showing that those who sleep 7+ hours per night tend to live longer and be healthier!  Are you sleeping to your full potential? Here are 10 tips to get you to peaceful rest!


10)  Drink More Water

Begin your day with two full glasses of water. Spice it up with lemon and cayenne to give your digestive system a kick start, alkaline style.! More of a fresh mint and berries kinda person? Go for it! It's your water and your morning! Think of your body as dry sponge that yearns to be replenished and re-hydrated after that period of sleeping.

Water consumption before eating is typically more beneficial to the digestive system rather than during and right after a meal, but listen to your body. Drinking more water in the beginning and middle of the day is not only a cure for many many ailments in the body, but additionally it keeps you from guzzling water by the time you’re dehydrated in the evening, which could interrupt your sleep cycle when nature calls.


9) Follow the Body Clock

According to the Chinese body clock and clinical research, the digestive system is at its peak between noon and 1 pm. If you eat meats, heavy meals including dairy or processed grains, do it around this time. Foods like these are often difficult and more time consuming for the body to break down and process.

Eating heavier foods in the evening is not only hard on your body, but your pineal gland also reacts to the looming nightfall and signals to halt production of your digestive enzymes. This is good because your body is now dedicating more energy to assimilating the nutrients you hopefully just consumed! But not so good for breaking down all of that food you just ate. Just work with your body and feel the healthy benefits.


8) Finally Knock the Habits That Don’t Serve You

Drinking wine or sugary alcohols, intake of nicotine and caffeine consumption all have at least 3 things in common:

*They tend to dehydrate the body.

 *They keep you awake. 

 *They can be hard to let go of! (Which puts you in a tricky position if you favor them.)

Try this:

*Upgrade the quality (choose a healthier, more natural or organic alternative)  

*Downgrade the quantity (replace with another pleasure like a square of organic dark chocolate or a self- foot rub when you’re getting closer to night time).

*Another option is to crowd it out by adding in healthy things…more juice, coconut water hibiscus tea, and water to compensate for the dehydration factors coupled with additional healthy outlets for your energy. 


7) Get Active

We all know that physical activity improves sleep exponentially. Now experiment to find out something you love.  Find out what’s standing in the way of you succeeding at it and just go for it! What did you like to do to get moving as a child? Do you want to try something relaxing and calming like yoga or Tai Chi, or do you need to get out some energy and light your fire by dancing, running or kickboxing? No matter what you choose expect your stress levels to go down and your sleep to improve!


6) Sunlight

So sunlight goes hand in hand with my #1 way to get better sleep, but in short the good gift of sweet sunshine does so much. Our ancestors bathed in it and benefited greatly! Get out there and feed your soul. 


*Healthy tip - beware of dangerous sunscreens. Read your labels and do your research. It is my personal belief (based on research and a lovely mentor’s work, Karen Urbanek) that as your body is detoxing with sweat being the vehicle, the chemicals detoxing from your body interact with the chemical cocktail of tanning and sunscreen lotions.Other lotions with ingredients like parabens and other synthetic toxins do the same. The body is doing its best to attack the foreign unnatural compounds, but could become confused, attacking itself resulting in skin cancer.

I use raw organic coconut oil because it has a natural SPF of 15. Do your research & find what works for you! Just dig deeper than labels and health claims like “All-Natural” which don’t require any proof to be labeled as such, as that term and others similar to it are not yet regulated.*


5) Stretch it Out

Bedtime or PM yoga has saved my rest so many nights! I’m not sure if it was releasing things that had gone on throughout my day, quieting my mind or something else…but I do know when I do bedtime yoga I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling energized!


4) Go Herbal

I love herbs for sleep aids when appropriate. There are many that help! I learned of this blend called Herbal Dreamer that I was taught to make in Las Vegas by the lovely Angela Harris.



3) Go Off the Grid (At Least in your Bedroom)

This trick I learned in Utah while receiving my certification for Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor and have since heard it on documentaries and in health books. Switch off the breaker for your bedroom at night. There are many reasons behind this. The EMFs from your phone, walls, etc. steal your electrons thereby leaving you off balance with free radicals and missing electrons…not to mention with shady sleep. Another reason is because the lights in your room (even the little ones on your cable box or phone charger) really affect you! Your pineal gland gets confused because while it’s supposed to be regulating melatonin, there’s light present. Plug your phone to charge in another room and get a battery operated alarm clock- one that doesn’t stay lit up at night. They’re inexpensive and some are pretty nostalgic looking, add a vintage look to your room.


2)  Heal your hurts

Another reason you could be waking up could be your unresolved issues.  For instance, reoccurring wake ups between 1-3 am are associated with the liver. This could indicate excess yang energy or problems with your liver or detoxification pathways. Emotionally, this could be a result of anger, frustration and/or rage stored in your body and preventing you from sleep. 
Waking up between 3-5 am is the time of the lungs. You could be suffering with physical health issues related to the lungs.  It could also be emotional since feelings of grief and sadness are also tied into the lung function.  Try breathing exercises! Rapid breaths of fire are one of my favorites. Feel the hurt or sickness clearing with the breath.  ***** https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-ways-breath-of-fire-can-take-you-higher/ 



And my #1 tip... Get Dirty! 

Grounding, also referred to as Earthing, is the best way to regain a healthy sleep life and reset your body’s circadian rhythm. The ground not only has a wealth of spare electrons your body will absorb to neutralize free radicals, but it also has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in many cases.

How it works in a nutshell: You (minus your shoes!) head out onto the grass or dirt and walk around or sit and read with your feet planted. The many receptors will pick up the electrons and send them up through your foot while you feel a little warm and begin to reap the many benefits! The earth will begin communicating with your pineal gland and stimulating production of melatonin.  Night time couldn’t come any sooner! Think about it…this is what our naturally healthy ancestors did all of the time. I wonder what their cancer rates were?!

Read Earthing by Clint Ober


***Healthy tip: avoid taking melatonin, natural or not. Not only can they have chemical fillers etc. but anything your body naturally makes could be disrupted by taking some synthetically. Meaning if you’re taking supplements, your body may slack off in production and expend its vital energy elsewhere.**

***Healthy tip: avoid taking melatonin, natural or not. Not ***Healthy tip: avoid taking melatonin, natural or not. Nw

So there you have it…my top 10 tricks to better, healthier sleep!  Try one or try them all and see what works best for you to the pathway to peaceful sleep!

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