The 5 Best Gifts to Give Yourself

Most everyone is waiting for the New Year to begin getting healthy.

By beginning NOW, you’ll have a jump-start of 4 weeks and be well on your way to looking and feeling your best by the time 2019 rings in.
Great news!  Constrictive diets and massive lifestyle overhauls are not the way.  Small, simple changes add up to huge differences when they are done with commitment and consistency.  Read on for 5 gifts you can give yourself today…

  1.  Gift of hydration!  

    Want a healthier glow in as little as 4 weeks?  Upon rising, drink water first and get hydrated.  You choose!  

    • Warm mug of water with lemon and a dash of cayenne to ignite your metabolism.

    • Glass of water with creative punches - a handful of goji berries or lemon & chia seeds or lime & mint leaves or frozen berries.

    Keep hydration flowing throughout your day by having a big glass or bottle by your desk and in your car that is infused with any organic fruit or berries of your choice!

    Pro tip: Add aloe vera juice if your digestion could be improved upon and use a stainless steel straw to up your intake while remaining sustainable! Bonus points for hitting 2 quarts by 2pm! 

    2.  Gift of GREENS!  

    It is quite possibly one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself.  Alkalize and energize by gifting your body with a tried and true green drink! It provides you with an immense amount of your daily nutrients and vitamins along with the added benefit of being an natural appetite suppressant.  Your body will be satisfied because it has what it needs to not only start the day, but finish strong!  Again, don’t stress it...choose what you like!

    However you go about it, get your GREENS on to see and feel major differences in 4 short weeks. 

    3.  Gift of Movement!  

    Slacking on your workout routine? Always want to work out although it always seems like "life” keeps getting in the way?  Schedule your work out!  Put it on the calendar and make it a priority! We get to work on time, meet our friends or business associates for lunch without delay and make the plane before it takes off.  Why not make our workout a priority?  Schedule it.  Make it.  See the difference in 4 shorts weeks what this gift of commitment to working out will do for not only your body, but your mental health as well. 

    4.  Gift of Accountability!  It makes a huge difference. What holds you accountable? Again, don’t sweat it…you choose!

    • Set a reminder on your phone to hit the gym or workout at home with an app…and do it!

    • Meal plan with a partner

    • Set goals with a friend or group of friends and share by texting workouts that were completed, inspirational quotes and report small successes 

      I have a friend who I text almost daily to exchange progress, successes, and healthy recipes. This is so inspirational and motivates me to be my best self! Studies show that an accountability partner makes you vastly more likely to succeed. Having a buddy or partner in your corner can serve as an amazing check-in as to where you are and to motivate you to keep on track when you may not feel up to it.  Do we ever?!?  

    5.  Gift of Grace!  Implement and practice the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time, I make the healthiest choice available from the options in front of me. 10% of the time...I enjoy life! I express gratitude for the fun thing I’m about to ingest and this relaxed state allows my body to digest it. An attitude of judgement, guilt and shame does just the opposite.  Guess what??  Your body will hold onto that food! Your enzymes will slow and your cells will be sad. So enjoy with balance! 

    So give yourself these daily gifts for the 4 weeks leading up to the New Year and see the progress you have made by January 1st, 2019!  Be generous and gift them to others so they can share in possibly the most important “presents" of this season!

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