Fall Recipe for the Soul ~ Healthy Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” ~ Stanley Horowitz

Winter, spring, summer and fall…each season is a time to celebrate, reflect, let go and renew. I am fortunate to currently live in the Denver area. One of the greatest gifts for which I am thankful is that the majestic Rocky Mountains are our daily backdrop. They are filled with beauty, wonder and year-round activity that draw millions of adventure-seekers from all parts of the globe.

Octoberfest in Breckinridge, Colorado is one of the largest street party festivals that ushers in fall for our region. It is not so much the festival that draws me in, it is the car ride on the way into the mountains. Within the dense evergreen forests, aspen trees begin turning color in late August at higher elevations. The golden leaves work their way down to the lower elevations, painting our drive with pockets of sunshine. Yellow leaves glisten and shimmer…as if to wave goodbye to the season of summer, renewing hope for the upcoming season of fall.

“The only constant is change.” ~ Heraclitus

Autumn is a reminder that our mind, body and soul are ever-changing. Nature provides wisdom to which I would do well to apply. With graceful beauty, the trees shed what no longer serves them. Protection is given to the ground where nature hunkers down for cool winds that finally give way to colder temperatures and blankets of snow. I will choose to be grateful and look for the secrets of the season that fall freely gives…applying them to this particular season in my life.

Pumpkin pie spice…ground cinnamon…vanilla…coffee and vegan whipped cream…could anything else better reflect fall?! Ditch the chemical-laden drinks at Starbucks and nurture your fall cravings with a natural home-made latte. Your pocketbook AND your soul will thank you!

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