3 Easy Steps to Stop Emotional Eating

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Click to watch the video instead

Do you ever find yourself somewhere at the bottom of a bag of chips, or finishing a sleeve of cookies before you know it? For some of us that means mindlessly heading for that drive-thru or going to get that soda with that one meal that you continuously crave... yet how many times have you heard your belly call to you from the depths of what must be hunger, only to answer that call and find that you're still unsatisfied, or worse… left with regret or other negative emotions?

Friends, next time you reach for that “thing” out of habit, boredom, stuffing emotions or simply to fill your time, I want you to do these 3 simple things for me.

  1. Ground in the present moment

Breathe! This creates space and awareness, allowing you to break up the illusion that is necessary for mindless eating.

2. Get curious

Change your thought pattern by starting to ask questions. A dear friend and mentor taught me that the mind triggers on questions. Coming up with questions from a curious frame of mind as opposed to our usual one of judgment can really begin to shift things for you!

Try asking questions like:

  • What do I really need right now?

  • What emotions am I experiencing right now, today, or lately?

3. Begin to Deconstruct your cravings

Drink a full glass of water. We’ve all heard our bodies are mostly water, but did you know that you don’t feel thirsty until already becoming dehydrated? Your brain is actually one of the first places the water leaves as well, hence why we experience brain fog first! So for mental clarity, to curb cravings and so much more, enjoy at least one full glass of water. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you! Here are some more tips for deconstructing cravings.

If you’re still craving it by this point and it’s right there in front of you… tear off a piece of your food and do something most of us no longer pay much mind to; CHEW… in full awareness. Remember #2? Implement it again here, from that curious mindset.

  • What was I seeking in this food?

  • What need was I looking to this food to fill?

  • What do I need from myself in this moment?

  • How can I best listen to and honor my body right now?

  • Is this pattern still serving me?

  • What about letting go of this frightens me?

  • What is the root of that fear?

  • What’s the worst that could happen?

    Allow yourself space (judgment free) to respond honestly. Once you’re honest about where you are, you can begin to heal. It’s just like any path to healing; step 1 is always to admit the problem exists.

    I want you to try this 2-3 times this week, and pay attention when you feel those deep-seeded cravings creeping up, then tune in! Getting on the same team as your body here is key. We’re really building up to establishing a mind body connection that’s built to last. This will best support you on your way to health and wellness in a lasting fashion.

To recap: When you go to that old pattern of eating, thinking & feeling:

  1. Ground

  2. Get Curious

  3. Deconstruct

Share this with a friend who could benefit from these tips and even help support you on your wellness journey! The holidays are coming up and I know it’s always easy to say, “Oh I’ll start after the holidays”, or “At the new year” but try something new for me… start right now! Give yourself the gift of navigating the holidays with someone a holistic health coach so you leave them feeling like wow… a few little tips and tricks made all the difference in my mindset. I can tackle anything now!

If you’re ready to transform your mindset and feel free of these cravings… go ahead and get on the phone with me. It’s completely free and in our 50 minute call together, we will establish a game plan! We will:

  • Go through your health history

  • Assess where you are and how you can succeed and feel good around food

  • Set goals

  • Create awareness around your current patterns

  • Experience break-throughs

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is a call that will change the way “you do food”. Do this for yourself, as an act of self care.