Are you ready to completely transform your relationship with food?

I’m talking finding love for navigating cravings, shedding the pounds that no longer serve you with ease, and loving on yourself on and off of the plate.


If you’ve been experiencing…

  • Low energy, fatigue and lack of motivation

  • Cravings that you feel you can’t control

  • High stress, feeling like you can’t “get it all done”, and are overwhelmed

  • Trouble sticking to your diet, routine or meal plans

  • Frustration from knowing that you crave change, but not knowing where to start or how to make it “stick”

  • Or other pesky symptoms like your body telling you it just can’t thrive the way things are currently going…

Then you need to ask yourself:


Are you finally ready to prioritize your wellness?

Take your health off of the back-burner, you deserve it!


This is not your average program. While food and exercise play an important role in health and wellness, in order to reach your true wellness goals, you must dig deeper. If you’re ready to finally THRIVE with an abundance of energy, learn to hear what your body is saying to you, and shed everything that no longer serves you, it’s time that you join the 30-day Total Body Transformation!

30 days to bathe yourself in radical self-care, develop sustainable healthy habits and provide yourself with a holistic, refreshing perspective on wellness.

One’s wellness does not come only from the food they eat and the calories they burn. To be truly well, a person has to be well from the inside out.

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Each day this 30-day program will focus on a different aspect of wellbeing. You will:

  • Create a vision for your healthiest version

  • Receive support for your success through check-ins via email as well as our Facebook Group Community

  • Establish healthy habits and attract healthy relationships

  • Create an environment and mindset for real, lasting change

  • Crowd out cravings and learn about heart health

  • Learn to successfully meal prep with minimal time

  • Find physical activity that works for your body type and personality

  • Reduce your stress and enjoy restorative sleep

  • Learn about probiotics and healthy herbs

  • Prioritize spending time doing what you love

  • Heal past hurts, and so much more!!


Are you ready to get started? Let’s create transformation today!


Jade’s passion is infectious and it makes me want to learn to treasure my body and enjoy the journey to make it be the best it can be. I am losing weight slowly but that is good because I want to keep it off by learning to change my daily eating habits.

~ Jojo in Colorado

I’m embarrassed to think of what I ate before I met Jade. I didn’t even know why I felt badly.

~ Chandra in Colorado

I feel healthier than I can recall feeling for decades! Nutritional knowledge has been life changing in many areas.

~ Mary in Texas

I signed up to work with Jade because because I wanted to create a healthier relationship with myself and lose weight. With Jade as my coach and guide, I was able to find compassion and better balance to my approach, as well as curiosity. This was a big difference from self-loathing and abuse and constant judgement of myself.

~Sonia in Colorado

I eat healthier, feel better and now have the tools I need to live a vibrant life thanks to Jade’s expert coaching. She makes the path to better health easy! Worth every penny!

~Debbie in Texas

Jade is amazing at what she does and has helped me in a myriad of ways including tips on food that helps specific concerns, motivation to help heal my body and mind, pinpoints specific physical and psychosocial needs, etc (the list goes on). I would recommend Jade in a heartbeat. She is super sweet, caring, compassionate, and is a great teacher/resource!

~ Lauren in Colorado

I felt I was fairly healthy and active for most of my life, so it was a surprise to me when I felt a dull pain in my side.  I contacted Jade and she suggested a cleansing diet.  Within days the pain subsided and as a side benefit I had more energy. I ended up loosing 10 pounds in only 2 weeks. She is extremely knowledgable and I recommend her.

~ Gage in Colorado


F. A. Q.

Does this expire or can I use it as needed?

The program does not expire. You will receive a PDF with everything you need for each day of the month, and you can repeat it indefinitely as needed. We recommend beginning right along with the e-mails. This way, you are getting the most out of your Total Body Transformation Program.

What’s included?

Included with this program are 30 days of prompts with clear step-by-step instructions that will bring you from where you are, to a healthier happier version when followed. You will receive e-mails that will nurture you along your journey. You will also be prompted to join the facebook group, where I will be available to you as well as our community as 1-on-1 support to both encourage you and hold you accountable to your goals and vision for wellness.

You will also receive proven tactics to emit changes into you lifestyle and mindset. As a special bonus, you will receive access to my library of hundreds of resources and handouts on everything from simple, healthy recipes to PDF guides on water, women’s health and so much more.

Are There Payment Plans?

We do currently have payment plans for either 2 separate payments of $115, 3 separate payments of $80, OR 4 separate payments of $60.

With the early-bird discount, these payment plans become: 2 separate payments of $95, 3 separate payments of $65, OR 4 separate payments of $50- when you sign up before March 15th.

In order to enroll in a payment plan, please e-mail me at

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30 Day Total Wellness Transformation
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What are you waiting for?

Are you finally ready to prioritize your wellness?

Take your health off of the back-burner, you deserve it!