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Free 3-Day Refresh Program:
Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with this 3-day refresh. With 3 days of workouts you can do without leaving your home, meal plans, new recipes and health tips you’ll get the support you need to get stronger, eat better, and live life to the fullest

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  • Three days of meal plans

  • Grocery list

  • 3 stillness activities

  • Virtual step-by-step guide to beginner body weight exercises

  • Health Coach’s top 8 health tips for the wise

  • Daily tips & tricks

  • Access to the Trainerize app

  • Daily inspiration

  • PDF handouts guides and more!


Join this 3-Day Refresh for 3 days of recipes, health advice, stillness exercises, guided workout videos and more!


Get ready to receive…


Advice for more mindful living and mental clarity. Learn techniques to clear that "Brain Fog" and greet each day with clarity and focus.


Supplemental material including daily mindfulness guides, health tips and more

3 days of healthy meal plans-our recipes and meal plains make planning and cooking delicious and vitalizing meals a snap.


Simple exercises that you can do at home that don't require equipment- you can do them right there in your home so you can get fit without the hassle of a gym or expensive and heavy workout equipment. 

Fun simple recipes to spice up your daily routine. Healthy food can be delicious too. We will show you how to make it amazing.

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Positive daily inspiration to uplift and encourage you.


Find the answers and support you need to get stronger, eat better, and live life to the fullest


In this 3-day refresh you will…

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Support by certified master coaches with a passion to see the greatest generation step into the next season of life as strong and vibrant as ever. They specialize in a holistic healing methodology and the joy of eating food that is good for you and—most importantly—delicious.

You get access to these coaches through the Facebook group where you can ask them health questions and they offer you 1 on 1 support.

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Energy to give to all the things you love most- the things that make you feel alive and in the moment. Don't let low energy, brain fog, or stiffness keep you from spending time on the most important things in life.


Better Over-All Health when you bring into balance your nutrition and physical activity. 10 out of 10 doctors recommend regular exercise and healthy eating to improve and maintain your health. Find out how to make it fun too.


This can be your healthiest year yet! Join the refresh with us, ditch the diets and embrace the new, healthier you. I can’t wait to see you there!

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